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Xybion Camera Repair

We are able to completely repair and refurbish the intensified-gated ISG, the intensified ISS, and all non-intensified and non-gated cameras, including the replacement of the intensifier tube, if necessary, to original factory specifications and offer a 90 day warranty parts and labor.


  • Intensified Gated Cameras
    IMC201, IMC301,
    ISG250, ISG350, ISG750, ISG780, ISG880
    IRO201, IRO701
  • Intensified Cameras
    ISS201, ISS202, ISS240, ISS255
    ISS265, ISS350, ISS355, ISS750
    ISS780, ISS850
  • Non-intensified, non-gated cameras
    CCD50, CCD60, CCD65L
    Non-intensified, gated cameras
    ESC01, ESC02
    Camera Control Units
    CCU01, CCU02, CCU03, PS110
    Video Enhancement Device

PXI - Pacific X-Ray Imaging