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UV Camera

UV Enhanced GigE Monochrome Camera, 30 fps
Trax UV Camera

High Speed, High Resolution UV Enhanced, C Mount, CCD Black and White Machine Vision Camera which Captures SXGA (1360 x 1024) Resolution Images in Low Light Conditions, at 30 fps. Less than 2 Inches Wide. For Machine Vision, Parts Inspection, Robotics, Military, and Medical/ Science Applications.

The Trax UV™ is a compact UV enhanced camera with a GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) interface and a 2/3 inch CCD monochrome progressive scan sensor. The camera offers SXGA resolution (1360×1024 pixels) plus a full frame speed of 30 frames per second. The Trax UV features random shutter mode and a scalable ROI (region of interest) function. The Trax UV is ideal for various kinds of machine vision applications, especially those requiring enhanced UV sensitivity in the 230 nm to 400 nm spectral range. Now you have a CCD camera with a wide spectral response from 230 nm to 1050 nm and a variable integration time, so you can achieve a wide dynamic range over a wide spectral range. Typically CCD cameras have almost no sensitivity to light below 400 nm. With Viewbits enhancements, we have extended the range of the Trax UV camera down to approximately 230 nm making it possible to use this camera from UV all the way to Near IR.

Trax UV Datasheet

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