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Controller Camera

Sony FCB Block Camera Controller
Sony Camera Handheld Controller

This camera controller is fully programmable and upgradeable. The keys can be easily programmed to an arrangement that best fits your application. A keyboard overlay is included so each key can be labeled and re-labeled to accomodate changes in programming. The overlay additionally helps enviornmentally seal the keyboard.

The controller can be operated on either an internal 9 Volt battery or an external 9DCV – 12DCV power supply with the 4 pin Hirose connector. The baud rate can be set to match a 9600 or 38400 baud rate camera setting. An RS 232 port is provided for camera communication. Zoom and Iris functional speed can be programmed for maximum effeciency.

The controller is very energy effecient and will run for many long days usage on on a 9 Volt battery charge. Reverse bias and over voltage protection is designed into this controller to prevent accidental damage from an incorrectly connected external power supply.

The controller has a dual colored LED lite visable on top to indicate power properly supplied and power on condition. The color will change from green to red as the battery reaches the low voltage threshold. If Red, then either change the battery or connect to and external power supply.

These controllers offer extraordinary reliability.

Variations of this controller can be engineered to best fit your environment and application.

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