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Fiber Optic Bonding to CCD CMOS Sensor or Intensifier

Image Intensifier Fiber Optic Bonding
Image Intensifier Fiber Optic Bonding 2
Image Intensifier Fiber Optic Bonding 3

PACIFIC XRAY IMAGING has developed the expertise to bond fiber optics to CCD and CMOS sensors with unparalleled accuracy. We can also bond to image intensifiers for low light applications.

We are also able to design, fabricate, and install the necessary metal work support to protect the bonding and your investment. We are able to machine to a 1 mil accuracy for exacting mating requirements. Our engineering staff can meet the demanding specification of your application

We love a good challenge and enjoy the process of developing a product to your demanding requirements. We can help you decide the field of view, pixel requirements, light budget and image resolution based on your needs.

PXI - Pacific X-Ray Imaging