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A Global Supplier of X-ray Systems

Pacific X-ray Imaging (PXI) is a worldwide supplier of x-ray systems and applications services to the electronics manufacturing industry, and to specialized applications of imaging technology and software analysis.

With 30+ years of experience designing and developing x-ray systems, PXI has recently introduced a new x-ray inspection system focusing on imaging quality, flexibility, ease of use, and most importantly affordability. The GenX Series x-ray systems come in three models (80kV, 90kV, and 130kV) that can be tailored to virtually any application.

Rework Products

Need help with failure analysis, product quality, and component verification?

Repair and Refurbishment

Complete system repair and refurbishment for Nicolet, FocalSpot, CRTech, and Faxitron...

Service and Support

Our 30 years of experience designing new systems Xray system repair and refurbishment...

PXI - Pacific X-Ray Imaging