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Preventative Maintenance and Radiation Survey

Nicolet 1400 Control Panel
Faxitron CS100 Control Panel

All X-Ray Inspection Systems require periodic maintenance to ensure optimal system performance and extend system life. Annual Radiation Surveys are required to ensure operator safety and meet annual certifications; a mandatory requirement of most regulatory agencies worldwide. PXI can perform preventative maintenance and radiation surveys for the following x-ray systems:

  • Nicolet Imaging Systems (All NXR series machines)
  • FocalSpot (All Verifier, MiniV, CIS and Insight series machines)
  • CRTech and YesTech
  • Faxitron (CS100)

Annual Preventative Maintenance Check Points:

  • Radiation Survey
  • Image Train Alignment/Adjustments
  • Structural, Mechanical and Motion Control Systems
  • Electrical Voltage Checks/Calibration
  • PM and Radiation Survey Reports

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